HP Printer Repairs

When your Hewlett Packard printer breaks down, you want to know how soon it can be fixed, and how much it will cost. At Teffont we offer you a choice of 4 or 8 hour response and most of all provide you with a single fixed price so no matter how much time is required to repair your HP printer you’ll pay no more – giving you complete piece of mind.

HP print repairs
HP LaserJet Printer Repairs: At Teffont we provide repair and service for the entire HP LaserJet range, from the small home office models to the large production office models. We have been providing expert HP laser printer repairs for over two decades and remain a premier company for HP LaserJet printer repairs and service.
HP Designjet Printers Repairs: For mission critical support of your HP Designjet we offer a comprehensive repairs service that is backed up with experienced engineers. Teffont specialise in HP Designjet printer repairs and service.
HP DeskJet Printer Repairs: Sometimes even the simplest HP printers, like the DeskJet, need repairs. If you are looking for a company that can offer you sensible pricing for the repair of HP DeskJet printers then Teffont can help.

HP Photosmart Printer Repairs:  Designed with professional photographers in mind who demand the best in quality, should your Photosmart printer need servicing then Teffont can help repair your HP Photosmart printer.

Hewlett Packard Printer Repair Benefits

Fixed price HP repairs
Teffont’s fixed price printer repair guarantees that no matter much time is needed to repair your HP printer you will always pay one price, even if a return visit is required.

Low price parts
If your HP printer requires any parts you can be assured that you will always pay the lowest possible prices. Our buying power and extensive parts stock helps guarantee our competitiveness.

Fast response engineers
Our engineers are experienced, professional and courteous. Arriving within either 4 hours (our premium service) or 8 hours (our standard service) our engineers will quickly and efficiently repair your Hewlett Packard printer as well as provide a free check-up and clean.

Service loan machine
If your HP printer can’t be repaired onsite we will provide you with a loan printer, helping you to continue working as normal while we repair your HP printer in our workshops.

Freephone number
Our freephone number is your direct line to our expert printer repairs team. Speak with them today to see how we can help repair your HP printer.

Choose Teffont today as your ideal HP printer repair company.

Once you’ve had your HP printer repaired why not consider taking out an annual maintenance contract? You get all the great features of our HP printer repair service plus a whole host of other benefits including free parts, training and a helpline.




Teffont’s price promise

Standard 8 hour response

Optional 4 hour priority response

Trained engineers

Low price parts
Freephone number
Free service loan
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Once you’ve had your printer repaired why not consider taking out an annual maintenance contract? You get all the great features of our printer repair service plus a whole host of other benefits including free parts, training and a helpline.
Here is just a selection of the HP printers that we fix, repair and maintain: -

LaserJet 3050, LaserJet 3055,LaserJet 4250n, LaserJet 4250tn, LaserJet 4250dtn,LaserJet 4350n,LaserJet 4350tn,LaserJet 5200,LaserJet 5200tn, LaserJet 5200dtn, LaserJet 9040,LaserJet 9050 ,LaserJet M1319f MFP,LaserJet M1522n MFP,LaserJet M1522nF MFP,LaserJet M2727nF MFP, LaserJet M3027 MFP, LaserJet M3027x MFP, LaserJet M3035 MFP, LaserJet M3035xs MFP, LaserJet P1005, LaserJet P1006, LaserJet P1505n, LaserJet P1505, LaserJet P2015, LaserJet P2015d, LaserJet P2015dn, LaserJet P2015x, LaserJet P3005, LaserJet P3005d, LaserJet P3005n, LaserJet P3005dn, LaserJet P3005x, LaserJet P4014n, LaserJet P4015n, LaserJet P4015x, LaserJet P4515n, LaserJet P4515tn, LaserJet P4515x,Color LaserJet 2600n, Color LaserJet 2605n,, Color LaserJet 2605dn,, Color LaserJet 2605dtn,, Color LaserJet 2820 AIO, Color LaserJet 2840 AIO, Color LaserJet 3000n, Color LaserJet 3600n, Color LaserJet 3600dn, Color LaserJet 4700n, Color LaserJet 4700dn, Color LaserJet 5550n, Color LaserJet CM1015 MFP, Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP, Color LaserJet CM1312nfi MFP, Color LaserJet CP1215, Color LaserJet CP1518ni, Color LaserJet CP3505n, Color LaserJet CP3505x, Color LaserJet CP3505dn, Color LaserJet CP4005n, Color LaserJet CP4005dn, Color LaserJet CP6015dn